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Earn a Bonus rate* and Nationwide ATM Refunds** if requirements are met

Or a standard rate if requirements are not met

To earn the Bonus Rate, perform the following requirements each monthly qualification cycle:

  • Have ten or more debit card purchases post and clear per monthly qualification cycle
  • Have one or more Direct Deposit or ACH Auto Debit post and clear per qualification cycle
  • Log in to view your account activity electronically one or more times per qualification cycle
  • Receive your statement electronically

*Bonus rate is paid on all daily balances $0.01-$25,000.00 and standard rate is paid on daily balances $25,000.01 and above each monthly qualification cycle if the minimum requirements are met. If you do not meet the requirements per monthly qualification cycle, your account will still function as a free checking account earning the standard rate, however it will not receive ATM refunds for that time period. We may change the interest rate and APY for any or all of the tiers for this account at any time after the account is opened. No minimum Balance Required. However you must deposit a minimum of $100.00 and have the ability to access your account electronically in order to open this account. Available to Personal Accounts only. No monthly service charge. APY is subject to change.

**Free ATM Refunds up to $25.00 per qualification cycle. Include all transaction fees charged when using another bank’s ATM. ATM fee refunds are automatic and receipts are not required to receive refunds

If you use Popmoney to transfer funds to another person, we will refund up to $.50 of the transaction fee, up to $5.00 each qualification cycle, regardless of whether you meet the above requirments to earn the higher interest rate. Click & Learn more about Popmoney.


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